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I’m a writer from California, currently based in Oxford, England, where I’ve lived since 2008. I’m working towards a PhD in cultural geography at Royal Holloway, University of London, looking at the geographies of lap swimming and the indoor swimming pool. For fun I like reading, eating cheese, drinking beer, and swimming (although not usually in that order).

My first book, a series of linked essays about music, myths, and making a living, was released by Unbound in Spring 2013. You can buy it here (or here or here or here or quite possibly in your local bookshop…you get the idea).

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Some (sort of) frequently asked questions…

Can I hire you? Can you write something for [delete as appropriate: me/my blog/my publication/my company]?

Yes, probably! Learn more…

How did you end up in England?

The really short version: I had always wanted to visit Oxford, I visited Oxford, I met a man in a pub on my first night here, and now we live together. The long version could probably fill a book.

Why “A Literal Girl”? What does it mean?

No one has ever actually asked me this, but I sort of wish they would, so here’s the answer to the question that no one’s ever asked: the name of my blog comes, in a very roundabout way, from Ernest Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast.

When I was in high school a friend of mine started a band and one night he asked me if I had any suggestions about what to call it. He was also an ex-boyfriend so I wanted to impress him by being hip and literary. I started flipping through A Moveable Feast, and I got to the bit about the lost generation, where Gertrude Stein calls Hemingway “a very literal boy”, and I thought, what a nice line. I don’t know why I thought that – it wasn’t a good band name and I wasn’t a boy. But I changed my AOL screen name (remember those days?) to “a literal girl” anyway. I was 16, and it stuck, and now here I am, with a blog named after a misquoted line of text.

I’m new here, what should I read first?

Try these:
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About Miranda Ward

California-born, UK-based author and PhD student.
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